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Welcome to the Midwest Seahawkers, your home away from the CLink. We are the midwest chapter of the Seahawkers Booster Club, the official booster club of the Seattle Seahawks. We've been having fun, supporting the Seahawks players and organization, and helping various local charities since our inception in 2002. We are a legion of fans who love NFL Seahawks football, and we are run by and for Seahawks fans like you!

We're here because we know what life in the midwest is like for Seahawks fans. The games aren't on TV. Sports bars are overcrowded with people watching other games...or worse, cheering for the 49ers. You can attend Seahawks games when they come to your town, but it's always you against 60,000 (or, as of late, you and 11,999 against however many haven't already left).

The Midwest Seahawkers feel your pain, and we're here to be the travelling 12th Man. We've been all over the midwest watching the Seahawks play and enjoying the camaraderie of others who share our passion for Seattle football. At each event we attend, we have an open tailgate party to welcome any new Seahawkers. We have a great time every time we get together, and we really hope more of you will be able to join us this year.

In 2015, the Midwest Seahawkers will be kicking off the season with our annual Ambush at the Arch in St. Louis, followed by a big event in Cincinnati. We'll also be gathering in Green Bay, as well as Kanasas City in the preseason. Watch our events page for details as they're announced, or join our Facebook group.

Midwest Seahawkers at Ambush at the Arch
Ambush at the Arch 2013

When you're ready to join, visit the membership page and we'll get you started.

2015-16 Playoffs
Date Team W/L Score
1/10 at Seattle Seahawks Opponent W 10-9
1/17 at Seattle Seahawks Opponent L 24-31
2015 Division
Team W L
Arizona Cardinals 13 3
Seattle Seahawks 10 6
St. Louis Rams 7 9
Santa Clara 49ers 5 11

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