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Fantasy Leauges

Every year, the Midwest Seahawkers set up a few fantasy leagues amongst members to compete for Seahawks related prizes. They're all free, and they're all fun. Be sure to join in, where Seahawks always go to high, and 49ers never get picked.

NFL.com Live Draft League
Draft Date: September 5, 11:00pm EDT
League ID: 3286035
Password: handittothebeast

NFL.com Auto Draft League
Draft Date: September 5
League ID: 3286056
Password: wilsonstruckitrich


Once you log in and create your initial account, you will be able to "Join a Private Group" using the following group name and password:
League ID: Midwest Sea Hawkers
Password: Largent

If you haven't yet joined up with the Midwest Seahawkers, check out our membership page for the details. A greater group of fans and dedicated Seahawks brothers and siters you couldn't hope to meet!

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